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May 31 2016 3:31 PM. Storm Chasers, Stay Home. Rural roads are getting crowded during tornado season, and the dangerous conditions are all your fault. By Eric Holthaus. A tornado . It's because storm chasers were trying Mar 29, 2017 No matter how fortified their SUVs are or how many years of experience they have, storm chasers aren't immune from tragedy. The deaths. Apr 3, 2017 In the aftermath of a traffic collision that killed three storm chasers in Weather Channel storm chasers among 3 killed in West Texas crash.

Jun 4, 2013 The deaths of three storm chasers in Oklahoma have sparked a surge of questions about people who drive toward tornadoes when others run. Mar 29, 2017 One storm chaser, driving a black Chevrolet Suburban, disregarded a storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski on Twitter, “confirming 3 storm chasers.

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